Disclaimer: If you were lead here from my resume, cover letter or other professional documentation, please be advised that even though I lovingly use the Oxford comma in my informal writing, it will be checked at the door if your company prefers to nix the controversial mark.


All formalities aside, hello, all!

The name is Bethany, and if you hadn’t already guessed it, I love all things tea, wine, and cheese. If you love even just one of the items listed above, I’m sure we’ll get along great!

It is here that I will share tales of my life, current thoughts, and photographic evidence of my adventures around the country while steeping some tea, drinking some wine, and eating some cheese.

As a technical writing professional, I intend to use this blog to strengthen my writing skills – especially on the creative side of things. Having excellent photography and photo-editing skills is also greatly needed for a technical writing professional, and I shall use this space to garner those as well.

Stick around with me on this journey – I know you’ll be a great help.