Exceptionally Unexceptional

Do you ever have those days, weeks, or months where everything you do isn’t quite good enough?

Example: you found a job posting that is just so you that you’re convinced it was made specifically for you. You’ve written a killer cover letter, crossed your fingers and toes, wished on a 222 stars, and hit submit. And then the news comes that someone out there is just a little more exceptional than you.

This, of course, should not be news to anyone. If there wasn’t a person in the world that had more talent than us at the present moment, we would have nothing to aspire to be. We wouldn’t know the possibilities that exist for us. Knowing that we can do better gives us something to work towards.

Yesterday, I felt exceptionally unexceptional.

Today, I am going to continue on developing my skills so that next time, I might be a little more exceptional than I was yesterday. That’s the key – never give up. Keep trying. Experiment. Take risks. If you don’t try, you won’t grow.

Remember, everything happens for a reason.

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