Oxford Comma

I love a good Oxford comma.

The way I see it, the Oxford comma leaves no room for misunderstanding items in a list. Isn’t that something we should all strive for – having our writings be as clear and concise as possible? I’ve never understood the controversy surrounding the punctuation mark.

Image credit. I couldn’t track down the original, so this will have to do for now.

More often than not, in the technical writing world, the AP Stylebook is the law-of-the-land. Unfortunately for me, seeing as technical writing is what I do professionally, AP has denounced use of the Oxford, or serial, comma. Gahhh!

Sure, you could re-write the sentence to avoid having to implement the offensive little mark. And in most cases, lists don’t get as complicated (or horrific) as what is pictured here.

Take my blog name for example: Tea, Wine, and Cheese, Please! I don’t need the Oxford comma. But he looks at home there, nestled between my wine and cheese.

I will never give up the Oxford comma! NEVER! Unless I’m in a professional setting where it’s mandated that I have to follow the AP guidelines.

Does this make me a fraud? Am I not a real technical writer after all? Do I have to send back my degree now?

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