Trait Amongst Men

Husbands are cacophonous. It can’t be just mine. Please, tell me it isn’t just me that wakes up to cupboard doors slamming and dishes clanging together.

I know he doesn’t do it on purpose (so he says, at least) but he is just so good at turning the simplest of tasks into a cacophony that I’m beginning to think that creating unnecessary levels of horrible noise is a trait amongst men.

It’s even worse when he’s determined to be quiet! He’ll make noise, pause for a few seconds to determine if the racket was noticed by anyone in the vicinity and then emit a small “my bad” or “sorry.”

Oh, it doesn’t end there.

You know how cars will honk at you when you hit the lock button on the key fob twice? All it is is an audible method of ensuring that you have locked your vehicle. To my husband, though, it is something that he takes personal offense to. Every time the cacophony of beeps begin, he makes it worse by commenting on it. Every. Single. Time.

Mentioning it to me isn’t going to change anything. I will sometimes do it on purpose when he’s around just to annoy him. Shhhhh.

When I saw what today’s prompt was I asked my husband what I should write about. His immediate response was  “people who make a cacophony while locking their cars” and proceeded to go on a mini rant about it.

Because he decided to make my morning into a cacophony complaining, this post is dedicated to him. ❤

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