Why don’t we hear about people swooning anymore? I’m not talking about teenagers swooning over seeing their favorite artists live or talking about their latest crush. I’m talking the old-timey-classic-literature-type swooning. A woman could faint at the mere thought, sight, or mention of something scandalous.

Our daily lives would be so much more interesting if we still swooned. We would never be able to watch the news or go outside for fear or becoming woozy. That fear would probably makes us swoon either way.

Swooning was an epidemic – even the simplest of ‘scandals’ would call for the smelling salts to appear. Did you hear, Elizabeth forgot to bring her reusable shopping bags to the grocery store yesterday! *swoon*

Maybe that’s a little over dramatic, but you know what I’m getting at. Almost every classic book had a depiction of a woman – and it was always a woman, never a man – losing consciousness because of something they saw or heard.

But have any of you ever witnessed someone swooning or heard tales from your elders about swooning incidents? I sure haven’t.

Swooning seemed to disappear all at once too. Like people forgot that it was a thing and left it out of their stories.

It makes one wonder if swooning ever really happened. Maybe it was all a lie to make women look weak and vulnerable? I don’t know for sure, but I sense a conspiracy.


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