Temporarily Dancing Through Life


Life is short. We can’t waste it. Even the time that we are memorialized in stone is temporary. Time will eventually wash all of us away.


Where do you go when you need a reminder of just how temporary this life really is? The cemetery, of course.

Taking a walk to my local cemetery was a favorite pastime of mine when I was a teenager. I never stopped to look at any of the gravestones and I didn’t personally know anyone that was buried there. I would simply walk to the back of the cemetery, climb a small hill and sit, overlooking the hundreds of cement markers and artificial flowers.

When visitors would see me sitting on the hill, they would look at me as if they had seen me dancing on their loved one’s grave. No such behaviors occurred. I wouldn’t say that I was a particularly macabre child, but there was something so peaceful and reassuring about cemeteries. I really can’t describe it.

Sometimes we all just need to visit a cemetery and remember to make the most of the life we are living and to live for ourselves, no one else.

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