The More You Know

It’s true – you do learn something everyday. Some days you may learn a new skill, others you might learn a new fact. And sometimes you may learn that your mother-in-law secretly thinks that you and your sister-in-law are alcoholics.

Did you know that bottles of wine are intended to have five-six glasses in them? I sure didn’t. Until recently, I was under the impression that you get three, maybe four glasses if you have some self control. This seemed to be a very dubious fact shared by my MIL, but then Google had the audacity to back her up!

Over Halloween weekend we all gathered at my SIL’s house to do all the typical Fall/Halloween traditions. In addition to this, it is also a tradition to drink copious amounts of wine when the three of us get together. Typically a minimum of one bottle a piece.

So imagine my shock when my SIL mentions in confusion that there’s a bottle with about a glass worth of wine still in it. All of us had full glasses which meant, mathematically, that the bottle should have been empty.

I was ready to cry witchcraft when my MIL looks at the two of us like we’re stupid and says, “that’s because you’re supposed to make a bottle last for five glasses.”

We cast dubious eyes her way and were stunned into silence. I swear I heard her mutter ‘alcoholics’ under her breath. The SIL and I were adamant that she was lying and we were right.

One of the men in the room decided to put an end to the pending drunk showdown and consult the Almighty Google, which also called us alcoholics.

My takeaway from this situation is this: if wine etiquette says that a bottle holds five glasses, the bottles need to come with measuring cups, or at the very least, a serving suggestion on the bottle. 


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