The Dentist

It was time for my bi-annual dentist appointment. Just a routine cleaning. Nothing out of the ordinary.

When I called to make the appointment they had an opening bright and early at 8 am. Now, I am usually only barely conscious at that point in the morning, but I went ahead and said I’d take the spot. Might as well get it out of the way and not have to dread the appointment all day, right?

To make it better, I scheduled my husband’s appointment for the same time. We had a dentist date. All the office ladies were just tickled that we came together.

And while the staff may have been tickled, my brain was slowly turning into sludge. Breaking my normal morning routine is not ideal. Especially to see the dentist. Once one portion of my day has been disrupted, the rest is never quite right.

My concentration is a joke today. My critical thinking skills have vanished. Attention span? Forget about it. My spelling has also seemed to take a hit. I just want to sit on the couch, turn on a movie, and forget about all of the items on my Thanksgiving prep to-do list.

Why are we so dependent on routines? Or is it just the dentist that has done this to me?

I did learn something about myself, though: I am far more amenable early in the morning. I will often say whatever is needed to get me back to my cozy house. Sure, I’ll have that fluoride film. Yes, I’ll take the referral and see about having my wisdom teeth removed.  Absolutely, I will definitely start flossing everyday.


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