Take Me Back

Do you ever have those days when you want nothing more than for your only responsibility to be passing the next exam? To simply sit down and study, read with abandon, and fill your brain with information that will be of little to no use to you in your adult life with out the worry of neglecting your adult responsibilities?

As I get older, I find myself nostalgic for the days where reading poems in iambic pentameter were the daily struggle.

Now if I want to spend my day reading Shakespeare, I feel guilty. There is always work to do. There is always cleaning to do. There is always something to do that would end up being neglected.

Let’s be real here. It’s not that I would have actually done the stuff around the house had I not stopped to read. It’s the fact that I should have been doing the things that are arguably more important.

I do, however, think that somehow along the way I found a loophole somewhere in the laws of adulthood that have made reading and learning my biggest, continuous obstacle.

I will often hear others that are my age complain that ‘adulting’ is difficult and they would give almost anything to be back to the days of no responsibility.

I can’t sympathize with them.

For me, with the exception of a little guilt every now and then when I want to do nothing but read, adult life has been great. I have felt wholly prepared for everything that life has  thrown my way.

My secret? Take a deep breath and push on. Find your supporters and never let them go.

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