Provoked to Climb

Guilt is the best way to provoke me to face fears heights, climbing, weakness   I've been guilted in to trying indoor rock climbing again. I still have a few days before I have to go, but I can already feel the anxiety building up inside me. Maybe this time I can get out of my … Continue reading Provoked to Climb

Photoshop Actions – Photoshop Friday

With just a click of a button and the blink of an eye, your desired photo effects will appear. It really is almost that simple. And I only say 'almost' because you have to make the action before you can apply it to your image. For starters, some of you might be wondering just what … Continue reading Photoshop Actions – Photoshop Friday

Creating a Soft Glow – Photoshop Friday

*Que infomercial dramatization* Have you ever wanted to add a little more oomph to your photos but were unsure how? A little glow of a sunset here, a little pop of sunrise there? Well look no further! Tea, Wine, and Cheese, Please! has all you need to evoke a sense of wonder and magic through … Continue reading Creating a Soft Glow – Photoshop Friday


Everyday I am shocked at how brilliant, magical, dangerous, fickle, and life changing love can be. Love is the one unifying feeling we all search for - even if we don't realize we're searching. Even the word itself is appealing. So simple, but so much meaning hidden between its four letters.