A Slow Beginning

As much as I am grateful for the holidays and having the opportunity to spend quality time with family that I am not able to see often, I am so thankful that the holidays are over with.

I thrive on having a routine and all semblance of such routines vanish for weeks during the whirlwind of Christmas and the New Year’s.

It’s not that I’ve really been forlorn or any thing of that extreme without my usual routine. I’ve just felt off since the commencement of the holiday season – and it’s taken me a lot longer than usual to get back into action.

But now I am determined to break out of this funk and lay out my goals and tasks for the next year.

In 2018 I will:

  • be more involved. In my life, in the causes I stand for, and with my family and friends.
  • improve my photography skills
  • stay consistent with my blogging
  • participate in at least two 30-day photography challenges
  • go on more adventures
  • eat good food
  • explore my city
  • read 30 books
  • have more date nights with my husband
  • relax

Let’s make this year fabulous.


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